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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Donna Burns, Mt. San Antonio College

Regional Conference Showcased the Plan and Professional Development

  • Type of Practice: Professional Development
  • Targeted Population: Teachers, Faculty and Staff, Other: Board members, superintendents, regional partners.
  • Program Area(s): Adult Basic & Secondary Education, Adults with Disabilities, Apprenticeship, English as a Second Language & Citizenship , Career Technical Education
  • Consortia Involved:
    Mt. San Antonio Regional Consortium for Adult Education: Baldwin Park Unified School District, Bassett Unified School District, Bonita Unfied School District, Charter Oak Unified School District, Covina Valley Unified School District, Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, Mt San Antonio Community College District, Pomona Unified School District, Rowland Unified School District, Walnut Valley Unified School District

The Challenge

We are a large consortium with 9 member districts and several hundred teachers. Though the planning was largely done by program teams of teachers across the districts, for practical reasons they were limited to 2 teachers per district, per program. We needed to share the final plan with all faculty and staff. Additionally, we wanted to provide an opportunity for teachers and staff to learn about other program areas than their own and to network with colleagues from the other districts.

The Solution

We organized a "Roll Out Conference" at a local conference hotel. The morning sessions focused on state and local planning as a whole including an overview of the priority strategies identified in the plan. We had a panel of original AB86 work group members and the local Steering Committee present and respond to questions. During lunch, program team leaders were recognized with certificates. After lunch, program teams led breakout sessions to share their portion of the plan. There were two sessions so that teachers could visit different program areas than their own. A final convening session presented our redesigned website. More than 200 attended, most of whom were teachers. Trustees and superintendents also came.


More than 100 evaluation forms were returned, and they were overwhelmingly positive. Attendees indicated that, on a scale of 1-5, their understanding of AB86 PRIOR to the conference was 2, and after the conference was 4. The rated the relevance and usefulness of the presentations as high. Remaining questions fell easily into themes that can be addressed in future efforts. Suggestions for future work and professional development also fell into logical themes that meshed well with our existing plan. From this, we were able to make some strategic decisions for future planning activities using grant extension funding.

The Data

The evaluation forms, which were returned by slightly over half of those who attended, provided pre-post measures of improved understanding of AB86 and our regional plan as well as rich narrative that we were able to analyze into themes.

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