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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Scott Godfrey, Barstow Area Consortium for Adult Education

Virtual Presence Learning Classroom

  • Type of Practice: Access to Services
  • Targeted Population: Adult Basic Education Students, English Language Learners
  • Program Area(s): English as a Second Language & Citizenship
  • Consortia Involved:
    Barstow Area Consortium for Adult Education: Baker Unified School District, Barstow Community College District, Barstow Unifed School District, Silver Valley Unified School District

The Challenge

Baker Unified School District is part of the Barstow Consortium, and is the most remote of our 3 districts. Due to the remote nature of the district, Baker has had a difficult time expanding the adult education offerings for students as well as the number of students in the program. After an initial survey of the program and its constituents, the consortia noted that a vibrant ELD program was needed to address Baker's growing EL population. The challenge resides in the fact that Baker is a very remote location and does not necessarily have staff the fill the ELD need.

The Solution

The Barstow Consortia agreed to utilize some of the AB 86 funds to outfit Baker Unified with a virtual presence classroom. The equipment associated with this classroom includes monitors, cameras, speakers, microphones, a soundboard, and computer. All of this equipment will allow Baker to connect to other virtual presence classrooms anywhere in the world. The virtual classroom will give the Baker students access to Barstow College ELD courses and the opportunity to collaborate with other adult ed programs in our consortium and beyond.


The virtual presence classroom is installed at Baker Unified School District. Training for staff and opportunities for use are currently being developed. We anticipate Baker will be able to utilize the equipment in the Fall of 2016.

The Data

Requisition was generated and work was completed in Winter 2015.

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