Emerging Practices with Promise

The Emerging Practices Showcase features planned strategies developed by AEBG Adult Education Regional Consortia. Here you can submit your strategies identified during your planning process that you plan to implement in the coming year. These innovative ideas will be shared on the AEBG website and will help other consortia identify strategies that might work for their region. We would like you to revisit us once your Emerging Practice has been implemented to update us on your progress.

Alignment of Programs

Consortium creates roadmaps that clearly define educational pathways
Counselors within the South Bay Adult Education Consortium Southwestern came together to clearly delineate pathways between adult education and college programs.
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Common Diploma for all Siskiyou County Adult Schools
For years the adult education programs throughout the county have used several different diploma requirements.
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Adult Ed Regional Digital Hub
Butte and Glenn Counties create a regional digital hub for all adult ed programs in the region.
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Collaboration within the San Diego Consortium and San Diego Super Region
Adult Basic Education: Bringing the Teaching to the Learner
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Seamless Transitions

School district launches program to transition aging-out students to adult ed
San Rafael City Schools, part of the Marin County AEBG Consortium, launched 3C Connect to prepare the students for adult education.
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Transition adviser helping to facilitate seamless transitions
Members and partners of the Foothill De Anza/NSSCSTC integrated existing programs and worked to create seamless transitions into postsecondary education or the workforce.
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Community College Transitional Counselor
The bilingual community college counselor is necessary in order to facilitate successful transitions by adult learners to connect adult students to postsecondary academic and/or career pathways.
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Seamless Transitions Into Building and Construction Trades
The Pasadena Area Consortium created new articulated curriculum in the building and construction trades and formalized new community partnerships to enhance workforce preparation skills and job access
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Articulation Pathways

Career pathways made easy with online, interactive mapping tool
The Sequoias Adult Education Consortium developed a user-friendly, web-based mapping tool that walks adult learners through education pathways to diverse fields.
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ESL Medical Assistant Preparation Course
Contextualized ESL Course for students who are interested in a career in the Health Care Field.
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Noncredit to Credit Math Articulation
Shortening pathways and creating seamless transitions through noncredit and credit collaboration.
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Joining Forces - Going Green - Everyone Benefits
The California Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE), a community partner of Continuing Education exchanges space for its training facility for access by SDAERC students and faculty.
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Supportive Services

Specialist makes a difference in the lives of students with disabilities
The South Bay Consortium for Adult Education hired a disability specialist to screen for learning disabilities and to develop individual plans that address learning challenges.
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Paraeducator, volunteer training program helps increase classroom support
The Ventura County Adult Education Consortium hired a teacher to deliver a new curriculum designed to train paraeducators and volunteers.
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Specialized Instruction for Deaf Students
Program successfully overcomes obstacles that confront students who communicate primarily in American Sign Language.
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Partnerships & Collaboration

Consortium members work together to leverage resources for culinary program
The River Consortium has partnered with the Fort Mohave Indian Tribe to develop an industry-driven culinary certification program for the Palo Verde region.
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County office of education bridges gap to serve students with mental illness
Sutter County Mental Health Services partners with Superintendent of Schools to ensure students with mental illness learn life, workplace skills.
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Comprehensive website facilitates awareness and collaboration
Better.Jobs dba The Northern California Adult Education Consortium developed an interactive website to guide potential learners to programs and make it easier for members to communicate.
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Consortium members, partners develop short-term training programs
The Sonoma County Adult Education Consortium partnered with the Graton Day Labor Center to create integrated training programs that include industry certification in several career areas.
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Tri City Stakeholders Gather for Information, Input, and Shared Insights
Tri City Consortium held a half day retreat for stakeholders to gather information, input and shared insights to inform the AB 86 Plan.
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Partnerships help increase access to adult education services
West Kern Adult Education Network worked with churches and other organizations to offer programs in its large, sparsely populated region.
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Project SEARCH: High School Transition for Adults with Disabilities
Pasadena City College, Pasadena Unified School District, FVO Solutions, Inc., and Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center collaborate to better serve adults with developmental disabilities
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Credit bearing college pathway courses on Adult School campus
Co-location of college (pathway) classes on adult school campus that includes wrap-around support services
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Oakland Unified - College & Career Readiness Pathway
Provide adults with English, math, ESL, and study skills to successfully transtion to academic and career technical education studies in community college or gainful employment
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Curriculum Pathways - Non-Credit to Credit Design Teams
Planning, facilitation, and implementing AB 104 objectives with a special focus on curriculum and pathway development work with community college and adult school faculty
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Innovative Rural Adult Education Practices
College and high school collaborate to provide adults and high school students with a welding certificate program to meet the labor market demand for welders.
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North Bay Trades Introduction Program
Planning work on a North Bay Trades Introduction Program (North Bay TIP) has been in process since May 2015. Collaborating partners are from Solano, Napa-Lake, Sonoma, Mendocino and Marin Counties.
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Enhancing English Literacy Skills for Spanish-Speaking Immigrant Workers
Pasadena City College and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) are collaborating to address the workforce development needs of immigrants and immigrant workers.
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Data Collection

Using Unemployment eStatus Cards to Gather Attainable Goal Info
Piloted implementation of E status cards in the classroom to gather attainable goal information on a monthly basis.
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Using data to guide curriculum and student support services development
The West End Corridor member agencies are creating a more comprehensive approach to designing curriculum and providing student support services and transitions through the collection and management of
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Electronic Career Pathways for Student Success
Effective career pathways for adult students will improve success, retention and persistence leading to increased completion and employment rates, resulting in improved student workforce outcomes.
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Barriers and Bridges: How Action Research Can Inform Resource Allocation
This student-centric action research project provided consortium leadership with the stories behind student statistics and informed resource allocation decisions.
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Assessing for Learning Disabilities at Intake
The Mid-Alameda County Consortium is working on an student intake process that will identify and offer support for students with learning disabilities.
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Classroom Practices

I-BEST: Consortium scales up a successful model
The San Francisco consortium’s City College launched an initiative to help English-learners gain technical and study skills while they learned the language.
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Curriculum Development

Curriculum Institute sparks innovative solution among consortium members
Participants of the three-day event worked together to develop a career pathway that included contextualized ESL coursework.
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Basic education + workforce skills = Steps to Success for adult learners
The Lassen County AB86 Consortium created a program that delivers a smooth transition between pathways to prepare young adults for the workforce.
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Practice with Promise: Developing students' career pathway success plan
The Delta Sierra Regional Alliance has been successful in working towards a program directed to developing students' career pathway success plan.
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CAERC launches Regional Asset and Pathways website
The Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium Regional Asset Map and Pathways website ( is designed to highlight adult education programs and pathways in the region.
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Joint Regional Outreach Website
Consortium members, partners, community based organizations, faith based organizations along with the local workforce investment board, are designing a Community Resource 1-Stop website.
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Student Acceleration

College Math Preparation: From Adult Education to Community College
Accelerated math preparation program for adult education students taking into account specific student needs and combining content instruction with success skills to ensure math and college readiness.
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Professional Development

Understanding Adult Student Disabilities and Accommodations
Our adult students seem to be struggling and not making progress, what can we do to help?
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Community Messaging
AB86 regional planning brought together a wonderful group of members and partners to share existing services and new ideas. How do we get our consistent message out to the adults we serve?
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