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Submitted By: Lori-Leanne Parris, Napa Valley Adult Education Consortium

Using Unemployment eStatus Cards to Gather Attainable Goal Info

  • Type of Practice: Data Collection
  • Targeted Population: English Language Learners
  • Program Area(s): English as a Second Language & Citizenship
  • Consortia Involved:
    Napa Valley Adult Education Consortium: Napa Valley UCommunity College District, Napa Valley Unified School District

The Challenge

Napa Valley Adult Education (NVAE) needed its teachers to document attainable goal data (getting a job, retaining a job and documenting the monetary gain) while in the classroom. Yet managing a migratory community of adult students is challenging for teachers, with new students enrolling monthly in all ESL classes at NVAE.

Moreover, teachers can only get this information if strategies are in place to address student privacy and to offer regular opportunities throughout the year to gather student employment information because employment status changes can happen any time. In addition, strategies are needed to address the reluctance of students to share their personal information.

The Solution

An ESL Coordinator/Teacher designed and implemented a system to gather student employment data on a monthly basis using eStatus cards in the classroom. The card provides areas to capture information about the student (student name, age, date of birth, enrollment date, employment status) and then update their eStatus monthly, including information that may have changed such as about work location, length of time at job, job title, wage, and increased wage.

The teacher schedules the last week of the month to have one-on-one interviews with every student, reviewing the card, as well as recent CASAS test results. Teacher also talk with the student about the student's progress, attendance and readiness to move to the next level.


After a pilot in fall of 2016, the eStatus card was introduced to the other ESL teachers for implementation. Teachers now use this information to complete update records. In addition to current data, teachers feel like they are getting to know their students better. This private time has helped our teachers create another layer of understanding our students' lives and our role as teachers to encourage their progress.

The Data

There is now more accurate student record information (and thus more data changes), evidenced by increased data, including upgrading skills to enable retention, increasing current job opportunities for promotion, or getting a better job.

Supporting Information

E Status Card Illustration

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