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Submitted By: Emma Diaz, San Bernardino Community College District

Regional Website for Virtual Sharing of Resources

  • Type of Practice: Outreach
  • Targeted Population: Adult Basic Education Students, Adult Secondary Education Students, Adults with Disabilities, Apprenticeship Program Participants, Associate Degree Students, CTE Student, English Language Learners, First-time Students, High School Diploma Students, High School Equivalency Students, Returning Students, Teachers, Faculty and Staff, Citizenship Students, Vocational Certificate Students, K12 to CC Transitioning Students
  • Program Area(s): Adult Basic & Secondary Education, Adults with Disabilities, Apprenticeship, English as a Second Language & Citizenship , Career Technical Education
  • Consortia Involved:
    San Bernardino Community College District Consortium: Colton Joint Unified School District, Redlands Unified School District, Rialto Unified School District, San Bernardino City Unified School District, San Bernardino Community College District, Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District

The Challenge

During the planning phase of AB86, all of the program area work group members (hubs) reached a consensus that a website dedicated to adult education was needed. The website would have a multipurpose feel in the sense that the primary audience would be the adult learner and potential student looking for programs and resources. The website though would also be used to brand and market programs in all of the AB86, now AB104 program areas. In addition, the website would also house all of the consortium information, calendar of events, meeting minutes and consortium activity.

The Solution

A website design planning meeting was held where each member of the consortium was represented. The question asked to participants was “what are the essential elements of a multifaceted regional adult education website.” The conversation was professionally facilitated and the following are some of the essential components of the website the group reached consensus on.
• Easy to use search function
• Interactive customer service that’s mindful of adult learners
• Clean, easy to navigate design with images students can relate to
• Comprehensive compilation of information and resources for Inland Adult Learners
• Site that is accessible to all

The information from the meeting was then used to design the website.


A website has been built incorporating all of the elements discussed during the website design meeting. One additional recommendation that resulted from the website design meeting was if the website would brand the consortium or the concept of the "One-Stop" and the unanimous agreement was to brand the website and the resources.

The Data

The website is about to go live and built into the website is a tracking feature so that we can monitor where traffic to our website is originating. This will allow us to target different groups visiting our website.

Supporting Information

Visit the Inland Regional Website

Website Design Planning Meeting Documentation

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