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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Kathy Walker, Ventura County Adult Education Consortium

Consortium Dashboard

  • Consortium: Ventura County Adult Education Consortium
  • Type of Practice: Data & Accountability
  • Objective(s):
    Respond to short-term data reporting needs required by AEBG
    Foster regional and local system integration efforts pertaining to assessment and intake of adult students.
    Support data sharing efforts to bolster performance accountability and program evaluation.
    Leverage statewide efforts to build a federated and aligned workforce and education performance accountability system
  • Organizations that were involved: All member agencies

The Challenge

There was a desire to have greater transparency regarding students served by CAEP member agencies, and to be able to provide wider access to the student reports that agencies use to measure their effectiveness and inform planning decisions. Moreover, there was also a need to be able to more easily rollup / disaggregate this data across agencies and program years, with greater regularity and accuracy.

The Solution

To address this challenge, VCAEC created an interactive dashboard displaying common TOPSPro reports with the ability to drill down across agencies and program years. The dashboard is public and posted to the consortium's public website where any interested stakeholders may access it.


Improved transparency regarding member effectiveness and data reporting. Also, in developing the processes needed to maintain the dashboard, agencies have become more attuned to the nuances of data reporting, which has subsequently helped to inform conversations about data definitions, priorities, use, and data quality.

The Data

Supporting Information

Supporting documentation

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