Data and Accountability Practices with Promise Showcase

The Practices with Promise Showcase is one of the tools provided for the AEBG Adult Education Regional Consortium Program to support stakeholders in developing and sharing best practices. Here you can submit your regional collaboration success stories, testimonials and innovations which will be shared on the AEBG website.

Data and Accountability

AEP Outcomes Resources Customized for One Consortium
CAERC staff develop customized resources to help consortium members understand and meet the student outcomes data collection and submission requirements
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Data Collection Tools and Resources for Consortium Members
CAERC created data-collection tools and resources for use by its K-12 districts and COEs to ensure consistent data collection across the consortium
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Accurate Collection and Reporting of Student Barriers to Employment
CAERC members use program areas and other clues to identify barriers to employment and AEP barriers to employment report for data cleanup
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